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Why Do People Fear Going To The Dentist?

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It’s common to hear people say they fear going to the dentist. Believe it or not, a lot of people don’t like visiting their dentist because of the pain and discomfort associated with dental work. This article will explore some reasons why this is such an issue as well as how you can get over your fear if you have one.

Dental anxiety, commonly known as dental fear, is thought to affect about 36% of the population with another 12% experiencing acute dental dread. This fear may have substantial consequences for a person’s oral health and it has been found that this can be an extremely significant barrier in attending to one’s teeth at all–resulting in poor oral hygiene which could require professional help. Dental avoidance is considered a behavior that can lead to unhealthy conditions within your mouth and will ultimately result in low attendance when going into dentists or doctors’ offices; you might need their services instead! So patients should respond by trying the following:

  • Stop fearing the dentist and get the healthy mouth you deserve.

  • Overcome dental anxiety and help your general oral health with regular and professional dental visits

  • Speak to an orthodontist and they’ll recommend you if you have any other issues that need addressing in the mouth.

So Why Do People Fear Going To The Dentist?

  • Fear of the unknown

This is a very common fear. You don’t know what to expect and you’re afraid that it will hurt or make your teeth fall out. The key to coping with dental anxiety is to discuss your fears with your dentist. Once your dentist knows what your fears are, they will be better able to work with you to determine the best ways to make you less anxious and more comfortable. If your dentist doesn’t take your fear seriously, find another dentist who does!

  • Pain

You might have heard from others about their experiences at the dentists–how much pain they experienced or how scared they were when undergoing treatment. This can often lead people into experiencing panic attacks when they contemplate visiting a dental clinic.

  • Embarrassment

Fear of embarrassment is an extremely common fear among people, which might make them worry about how their teeth look in front of others or the pain that they will experience when undergoing dental treatment and being exposed to other onlookers. This leads many people into experiencing dental anxiety as a result.

What Can You Do To Conquer Your Fear Of The Dentist?

If you are feeling anxious about your next trip to see the dentist–whether it be due to one of these reasons or another–you’re not alone! There are ways that can be done to help reduce some of this negative energy surrounding going for regular check-ups:

  • Speak with your dentist before your appointment  It’s important to discuss any concerns you have with your dentist before you go in for treatment. This will help the dental team to better prepare and cater to any needs that might make you feel more comfortable during your visit!

  • Try not to focus on how it could be.  It’s common for people to entertain thoughts about what their mouth could look like when seeing a specialist or feeling pain during treatment, which can lead them further exacerbating their dental anxiety. So try not to dwell on all of the “could well”–instead take care of yourself by eating, brushing regularly, flossing daily, and visiting your dentist often so they can do regular check-ups every six months!

There are many reasons to stop fearing the dentist. If you’re not convinced, consider this: a healthy mouth is essential for your general oral health and will make it easier to speak, smile, chew and eat. Your orthodontist wants what’s best for you too! They’ll offer advice about any other issues that require attention in your mouth so don’t hesitate to contact them today if there are any problems at all with your teeth. Stay healthy!

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Are You Looking for a Dentist Who Can Help With Your Dental Anxiety?

Do you worry about going to the dentist? If so, then Balfour Dental in Brentwood is a great place for you. They have over thirty years of experience helping patients with dental anxiety and their services include many different certifications that are top-of-the-line!  Dr. Rayani and Dr. Siao both have many different certifications, including Invisalign Certification, Implant Dentistry, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Cerec CAD-CAM Restorations, Neuromuscular Dentistry, and Implants respectively. Our dental office is locally owned and operated by Dr. Dimple Rayani and Dr. Sien Siao, two professionals with vast experience in Implant Retained Denture treatments as well as general dentistry.  If you are looking to renew your smile, contact Balfour Dental today!

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