Nunn-Wilson Family Park

100 Oxford Dr, Oakley, CA 94561



Around 200 people gathered off Laurel Road to see the Nunn-Wilson Family Park dedicated to the city of Oakley. The service was both heart-rending and joyful as city officials, park residents and concerned Oakley people turned out to be in force to forever remember Craig and Michele Wilson, as well as Tanya and Erik Nunn, who died in a plane crash near Las Vegas on June 28.


A cool breeze moderated a warm heat, as the seven orphaned Nunn and Wilson children arrived with their grandparents, uncles and other relatives at the park. The ceremony was opened by Mayor Bruce Connelley who read a declaration naming the park.


Wilson's guardian David Wilson said, "This (park dedication) is a huge symbol of the love and support this community has for the kids. That's just so significant.


Oakley dog owners and their loyal canines will no longer have to travel to Antioch or Brentwood for the amenities a dog park provides because the Oakley Community Dog Park is built in their town.


The Nunn-Wilson Family Park's first phase of the project will feature a concrete driveway, utilities, paving, grading, storm drain, walkways, sidewalks, curbs, gutters and a parking lot. The second phase will feature the actual dog park being built. The city will soon accept bids for this and be awarding the contract in September.


There are currently two playgrounds in Nunn-Wilson Park, covered picnic tables, a water feature, a basketball court, barbecues, and outdoor exercise equipment. It is at 100 Oxford Drive off Laurel Road and opened in 2008 for the very first time.


Oakley 's assistant to the city manager Nancy Marquez-Suarez said people demanded a dog park in 2014 during strategic community planning meetings. This was on the strategic plans of the region.


The City is using money for this $828,000 project from the California Department of Parks and Recreation. Fenced areas for both big and small dogs, chairs, benches, grass, a dog water play area, drinking fountains, agility facilities, picnic area and dog waste stations are among the amenities expected.


The construction of the park is expected to start this autumn and local dog owners look forward to the two dog parks and Antioch 's dog parking for a new off-leash dog park in Brentwood.


Many park residents are concerned that the park is not well managed. They said that the park is not up to its expectations at present. Overall, the latest addition to Oakley 's portfolio of parks seems promising to many people.

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