Marsh Creek Elementary is a public school located in Brentwood, CA, in a large suburban setting. The Marsh Creek Elementary student population is 732, and the school serves K-5. At Marsh Creek Elementary, 47 per cent of students scored at or above the math level and 60 per cent scored at or above the math level.


The school's minority student enrollment is 65 percent. The student-teacher ratio is 24:1 which is better than the district ratio. The student population consists of 50% female students and 50% male students. The school enrolls 30% of economically disadvantaged students. There are 30 equivalent full-time teachers and 0 full-time school counsellors.


Parents' Club

The main purpose of the club is:

  • Provide additional opportunities to enhance the quality of education of all Marsh Creek students.

  • Providing support to Marsh Creek Elementary School teaching and administrative staff (s).

  • Promote goodwill and communication between school, home and community.


Their Mission Statement is to represent, inform, support and give our Second Language Community voice in their school.


About the English Language Advisory Council (ELAC)

The English Language Advisory Council (ELAC)-is composed of staff and parents whose home language is not English. The Board advises and assists in the planning, implementation and evaluation of the School Site Plan, with particular emphasis on bilingual students and parents.


Who can be members of the English Learner Advisory Council?

The English Learner Advisory Council shall be composed of parents, staff and/or interested community members. The percentage of parents of English learners on the committee must be at least equal to that of English learners at school.


Who can attend the meetings of the English Learner Advisory Council?

All meetings of the English Learner Advisory Council are open to the public and all members of our community are encouraged to attend. At each meeting, an opportunity to speak on a subject that is not on the agenda is given to anyone interested in addressing the English Learners Advisory Council.

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