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I’m A Dentist And This Is How You Can Overcome Dental Anxiety

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Dental anxiety is a common problem in the US. It’s not uncommon for patients to enter our office with a fear of needles, drills, and dentist visits in general. Some people are so scared that they refuse to go see their dental professional altogether. The good news is that there are ways you can overcome your dental anxiety!

I’m a dentist and I know that it can be hard to go in for dental treatment. Don’t worry, you are not alone! Here are some tips on how you can overcome your fear of dentist appointments.

  • It’s a good start if you can locate a dentist who is pleased or willing to take on phobic customers.

Anxiety and dentophobia can be treated in a variety of ways, from behavioral approaches to medicine. People who have these fears often visit dental clinics where psychologists and dentists work together to offer patients tools that will help them manage their fear or teeth by helping with anxiety management techniques as well as educating the patient on what they are about to do before proceeding into treatment areas so they know exactly what is going on at all times.

For those without access to a clinic, some dentists try alternative methods like using gentle brushing techniques instead of more heavy-handed ones which could trigger memories for people undergoing this phobia – especially if it was done when you were young. Other alternative helps may include positive reinforcement such as rewards after each successful session until eventually no longer fearing to be seen by dental professionals.

  • Anxiety and dentophobia can be treated

  • Good for people that need psychological help before treatment

  • Make your dentist appointments easier to handle

  • Fear can also be reduced by using relaxation techniques

Deep breathing techniques, muscular relaxation, and guided visualization can all be used to help patients relax when seeing the dentist. Psychologists use systematic desensitization to teach people with anxiety or phobias how they can overcome their fears on their own by gradually exposing them over time to a safe environment.

  • It is proven to reduce stress levels

  • Help relax the body and mind before your appointment

  • Reduce dental anxiety

  • Overcome fears of going to the dentist

  • Self-help is a good way to deal with dental fear

Reduce anxiety by getting educated and researching a dentist you are happy with. This way, it’ll be easier for you to go to the dentist’s office because you will have more confidence in them. Prior to having any work done on your teeth, you might want to ask questions of the dentist when meeting face-to-face before committing yourself wholeheartedly to treatment plans that may not end up being appropriate for you personally in the long run.

  • Save time and research the dentist you are happy with

  • Reduce anxiety by researching dentists

  • Ask questions if you will be getting any work done on your teeth

  • Choose a dentist that is knowledgeable about their field of expertise

Anxiety can be treated. It’s important to remember that anxiety is a natural and normal response to the world around you, but it can also become an excessive or unreasonable fear of certain objects or situations that may result in panic attacks, insomnia, irritability, depression, and other health problems. If you need psychological help before treatment for your dental anxiety, then there are ways to manage this fear so that future dental appointments are easier for both you and your dentist.

Patient and Dentist

Are You Looking for a Dentist Who Can Help With Your Dental Anxiety?

Do you worry about going to the dentist? If so, then Balfour Dental in Brentwood is a great place for you. They have over thirty years of experience helping patients with dental anxiety and their services include many different certifications that are top-of-the-line!  Dr. Rayani and Dr. Siao both have many different certifications, including Invisalign Certification, Implant Dentistry, Sleep Apnea Treatment, Cerec CAD-CAM Restorations, Neuromuscular Dentistry, and Implants respectively. Our dental office is locally owned and operated by Dr. Dimple Rayani and Dr. Sien Siao, two professionals with vast experience in Implant Retained Denture treatments as well as general dentistry.  If you are looking to renew your smile, contact Balfour Dental today!

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