Garin Elementary serves approximately 700 students from the transitional kindergarten through Grade 5. Their goal is to provide an environment and educational experience that will enable all students to become successful members of our community through consistent social and academic development.


They follow a number of common values at Garin Elementary that guide their beliefs in teaching and learning. They believe all children can learn and deserve a safe, satisfying and successful school experience. They know that high expectations of student achievement combined with adequate support and intervention will result in academic skill and growth. At Garin, their goal is to help children learn and grow up. In order to do this, their teaching and professional development must be intentional and purposeful. Cooperation, collaboration and communication are an important part of their success in education.


They aspire to be lifelong students in Garin. They think that modeling respect and promoting the caring culture of schools in which students feel valued and appreciated is significant. Finally, they trust in building partners among schools, homes and communities. Garin is at the top of their values, their dedication to being a family-centered school. These common values and convictions allow students to enjoy a profound and lasting education.


Their students are taught purposefully and focusedly, integrating research-based instruction with a high-quality curriculum. Weekly technical learning and co-operation among employees informs implementation and instruction. Their excellent curriculum program and school-wide intervention program allow them to cope with all students' individual needs.

In Garin several parent and community volunteers are blessed and provide their students with an additional rich learning experience. Their special PTA facilitates many exciting and student-oriented events and activities. They invite you to engage in this process and learn the fundamentals of Garin.



Garin's goal is to become a single, collaborative culture of learning. Students, workers and parents in this community

  • Understand, value and display the Six Character Character Character Character that includes: Trustworthiness, Respect, Obligation, Justice, Care and Citizenship.

  • Enhance the diversity and singularity of all

  • Take unconditional responsibility for the progress of each student

  • Engage to provide a selection of educational opportunities that take each student to the next level (academic, social, emotional and physical)


These factors are crucial to the development of one's highest potential. They believe that the learning process is as valuable as the product of learning.

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