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About Downtown Brentwood, California

Downtown Brentwood is a bustling, historic place. It's home to many small businesses and some of the best restaurants in Contra Costa County. You'll find an eclectic mix of coffee shops, wine bars, clothing stores,  and bakeries on Main Street in Downtown Brentwood. The vibrant atmosphere provides a good destination for those who live or work near downtown Brentwood and visitors to the area looking for something different from what you might find at your typical mall or shopping center. There are restaurants and specialty stores like an ice cream shop, florist, wine store, and many more.


Downtown Brentwood is known for its historical buildings and tree-lined streets that make it feel like you're in the middle of nature even though there are skyscrapers within driving distance! 


Downtown Brentwood is a great place to visit. It's easy to get there by car, bike or public transportation and you'll find plenty of parking available. The downtown merchants are welcoming and helpful, the shops have lots of variety, it's fun just exploring all that Downtown Brentwood has to offer. 








Things to Do in Downtown Brentwood

There are many reasons to visit Downtown Brentwood. You'll find yourself surrounded by shopping, dining, and entertainment options in a town that is rich with history. Dining choices range from your favorite Mexican food joint to sushi and teppanyaki-style restaurant. Meanwhile, there are tons of boutiques for browsing and plenty of great stores for finding the perfect gift or outfit. 


Here’s a short list all located near Downtown Brentwood: 

In-Shape Health Clubs | 180 Griffith Ln, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Gyms are great, but In-Shape Health Clubs are more than that. A place where everyone feels welcome, where getting sweaty or making odd faces while lifting weights is not seen as a sign of weakness. That sense of "when I'm here, I'm with my people" is what distinguishes. That is ideal.


If you're looking for a great way to stay in shape, then consider joining an In-Shape Health Club. These clubs have all the equipment that you need to get in shape and they also provide personal trainers on-site 24/7.  The top gym in the area, In-Shape Health Clubs, has facilities that will keep you on track, off your feet, and feeling wonderful. 


With a membership at an In-Shape club, members will never get bored with workouts because there are new classes being offered every day. Members can enjoy fitness classes like Pilates and Zumba or even sign up for one of their many group exercise sessions where everyone is welcome! It doesn't matter if you've never set foot inside a gym before or if you're already living a healthy lifestyle--the staff at these gyms will work with any level of experience and skill set so that anyone can.


In-Shape Health Clubs in California is dedicated to providing a full range of health club services, including fitness classes, personal training sessions, and nutrition counseling. With over 60 locations all across the Golden State, it's never been easier for you to get your workout on!

Downtown Brentwood, California - Dental Clinic Near Me

Attraversiamo | 2485 Sand Creek Rd #140, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Mexican food! The word alone is enough to make your mouth water. But how about Mexican food in California, where the weather is perfect and you can enjoy a patio lunch or dinner?  You may think that Mexican food is just tacos and burritos. But the truth is, there are so many different types of Mexican cuisine to explore!

Attraversiamo is a charming little restaurant located in the center of downtown Brentwood. This establishment has been operating for a long time and is still going strong. The food is tasty, inexpensive, and quick. The service is also outstanding, and everyone who works there goes out of their way to make you feel at ease.

Every meal is as delectable as the last! If you're looking for delicious Italian food without breaking the bank, Attraversiamo's kitchen is the place to go!

Fuji Grill | 1185 2nd St SUIT I, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Fuji Grill is one of those restaurants that you'll never want to leave! For all of their guests, Fuji Grill provides an elite experience. They are committed to serving not just the freshest, most delicious food but also a quiet dining environment in which you may enjoy your meal in privacy and comfort. The grill specializes in dishes that use fresh seafood, veggies, and fruits, so if you're looking for something light and flavorful, stop by today!

Starbucks | 8610 Brentwood Blvd #1, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

If you're looking for a place that is equipped with plenty of outlets, WiFi, and great coffee to call your office away from home then stop by Starbucks in Brentwood. You'll find one of the best places around to get some work done while sipping on a delicious drink. 

The Starbucks in Brentwood is the perfect stop for a mid-day refreshment. They offer refreshing specialty drinks and espresso that will get you through your day no matter how demanding it may be!

Taking a stroll in Brentwood is always such an amazing experience, but it gets even better when you stop by Starbucks. The outside of the building has this really rustic feel with all its wood and then inside there are these tall ceilings that make everything look bigger than what it actually is.

This location has friendly staff who are always willing to help and keep the coffee coming!

Living in Downtown Brentwood

Brentwood is a beautiful, vibrant city and there are many reasons to love living here. One of the benefits is that it's easy to get around - whether by walking, biking or driving! Brentwood has bike lanes on most streets which makes it simple to bike going to the hills down into town without worrying about traffic. The downtown area has parking lots and garages to park and take the short walk over to one of the many great restaurants. Brentwood is a perfect place with an urban feel coupled with all the perks of suburban living.

Here’s a short list all located near Downtown Brentwood:


Immaculate Heart of Mary Church | 500 Fairview Ave, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

A Catholic Community madly in love with Jesus through Mary. The Immaculate Heart of Mary Church is an ideal location for a Catholic to pray. As one enters this sacred space, it becomes clear that what appears simple on the outside can be so much more beautiful inside. This church has been around since 1962 and its architecture shows pride in tradition while also embracing modernity through artful design elements like stained glass windows.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints | 1101 McClarren Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is one of Brentwood's most well-known congregations. From across a busy highway, the church's white facade shines brilliantly, and its wide front doors urge guests to come in for their Godly services at any time during the week or on weekends, all year.


The temple has been standing on this location since before the town was settled by Mormons more than 150 years ago with many others being built around it as well in recent times; but they never abandoned this spot nor will they ever do so going forward into eternity!

His Presence Christian Worship Center| 1185 2nd St, Brentwood, CA 94513, United  States

At His Presence Christian Worship Heart in Brentwood, California, Jesus is at the center of everything. The Vision: Seeking God. Reaching the Lost. Empowering His people. Enjoying the journey.

Brentwood Community United Methodist Church | 809 2nd St, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

The Brentwood Community United Methodist Church (“BCUMC”) is the longest continuous Christian ministry in Brentwood – 150 years and going strong. We celebrate our past and rejoice in how the Holy Spirit is leading us forward into the 21st century. BCUMC is a reconciling congregation that welcomes people regardless of gender, race, class, age, ability, religious affiliation, or sexual orientation. We value each one as a precious and unique child of God.


THEIR BELIEFS: (1) GOD’S GRACE as a gift, freely given to ALL, forgiving/accepting ALL unconditionally, no matter what one has done or how weak or faulty one has been; (2) OPEN COMMUNION to all people who wish to have peace with God and with one another (baptism, denominational/church membership or any other criteria are not required); (3) ALL BAPTIZED AS MINISTERS and are given with the privilege and the responsibility to serve the work of God in their own abilities and capacities and (4) SPIRITUAL GROWTH IN THE HOLY SPIRIT is always with all disciples of Jesus Christ.


Everyone is encouraged to engage in the Discipleship  Making Process – Connect (Worship), Grow (Spiritual Formations) and Serve (Ministries).

Parks, Schools & Other Points of Interest in Downtown Brentwood

The city of Brentwood is a place that has everything you need. If it's culture, commerce, or leisure activities you're looking for, they have what your heart desires! They got the perfect public parks in town to get some fresh air and exercise with friends on sunny days. The best schools around and much more than just walking distance away from our downtown area where there are endless points of interest. 


Brentwood City Park | Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

The Parks and Recreation Department is committed to the well-being and quality of life of our community. They provide the best in programs, parks, and services at a great value to our customers. 


Brentwood has 252.67 developed acres of parkland, nearly 100 award-winning parks and facilities, 19.2 miles of beautiful trails, and 63 miles of bike lanes. They offer over 100 recreational activities and events for people of all ages and interests.

Brentwood Golf Club | 100 Summerset Dr, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Brentwood Golf Club is located about halfway between San Francisco and the Central Valley, in the foothills of scenic Mount Diablo. They are proud to offer 27 holes of championship golf, designed by world-renowned golf course architect Ted Robinson. Public play is welcome. The golf course accepts tee time reservations seven days in advance, or spur-of-the-moment golf activity in sunny Brentwood may be arranged on short notice.


The Creekside, Hillside, and Diablo courses provide a tremendous test to golfers of all skill levels. Outside the golf tournament group, corporate outing reservations can be made up to 18 months in advance.


The practice net and putting green offer golfers the opportunity to work on their skills after a long day at work.


Brentwood Golf Club’s professional staff members offer both private and group golf instruction programs that fulfill the needs of all individuals, from the new beginner to the more advanced player.

Montessori School of Brentwood | 3421 Balfour Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

Montessori classrooms provide a structured setting in which children learn at their own pace under the supervision of Montessori teachers with the appropriate credentials. The curriculum emphasizes learning through everyday activities that promote concentration, motivation, perseverance, and discipline while also building peace among all participants.


Children are encouraged to experiment with many items within this framework of order until they find something that they are most interested in, to which point they continue according to their talents, with encouragement from both educators and peers.

Brentwood City Hall | 150 City Park Way, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

The City of Brentwood is a booming city that is ready and capable of meeting the challenge of growth! Each Department is dedicated and committed to raising Brentwood into a beautiful, full-grown city. Located on the following is the information about each City Department - what they do, how they work, and how to contact them.


  • City Council

  • Boards and Commissions

  • City Manager

  • City Attorney

  • Community Development

  • Economic Development

  • Finance & Information Systems

  • Human Resources

  • Parks & Recreation

  • Police

  • Public Works

Bank of Stockton (Brentwood)| 6590 Lone Tree Way, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States

The Bank of Stockton has been in business for over 150 years and offers a great experience. You will not only meet the officers who have worked at the bank their entire careers. But also community members that live nearby as well with whom you can connect on a personal level. The lending process is quick due to local decision-makers who are graceful and creative with financing options available so they can cater them specifically towards your needs!


You should try out the Bank of Stockton because it's one of those institutions that are here today and gone tomorrow type of banks. They've survived recessions, depressions of world war, AND cyclical downturns throughout its history PLUS  were touted for their strength during the financial crisis despite being smaller than other similar one's around.