Campos Family Vineyards

3501 Byer Rd, Byron, CA 94514, United States


Campos Family Vineyard is a 44 acre vineyard, tasting room, venue for events, concerts and more. They have 2 indoor event spaces, marriage garden, bocce court, and baseball field suitable for wine tasting, weddings, concerts, events, private parties, and so on.


The winery is owned by a couple locally involved, Ric and Michelle Campos, who jettisoned plans to retire in hopes of building a property that could unite the city.


Ric and Michelle first became interested in wine when they were the co-owners of a Santa Rosa area based business. Tom Bloomfield is their agricultural consultant and has 35 years of experience. Gerardo Espinosa, the winemaker produces the wine through his Lodi company called Lodi Crush. They do the bottling at the Van Ruiten Family Winery in Lodi. 

Petite Sirah, Barbera, Cabernet Franc, Zinfandel and Mourvèdre are planted on the 36 acre farm. Most of the fruit is sold to neighboring wineries but a small amount is reserved for the wines of Campos Family Vineyards ' boutique production.


In 2015, Campos Family Vineyards opened its doors, offering a tasting room, an exhibition centre, concert venues, a wedding garden, a bocce ball court, a baseball field and more! The winery holds year-round family-friendly parties, fundraisers, and corporate meetings, and even offers a unique weekend Sunday morning worship service; Campos Family Vineyards has truly become a community resource and a joy for everyone in the region of Contra Costa County.


In 2016 Ric entered the first wine that we bottled in the Monterey County Wine Festival, which was a Petite Sirah. To stop bottle shock, it is traditional not to open a new bottle of wine for six weeks. The day he heard of the competition, however, Ric had just bottled it. Yet, the next day he FedExed it and received a Silver medal. Strengthened by the victory, he entered the wine at an international New York competition where he received another silver medal.


Their mission is to produce outstanding wines and to be good stewards of the estate while providing a quiet, relaxing atmosphere that brings together families and the community.


A vineyard's spiritual significance, with its abundant vines, branches, fruit, and harvest, extends well beyond the wine. Like a home, when firmly rooted, well-tended and mingled with care, a vineyard is at its finest. Campos Family Vineyards is truly a hidden gem, with all of Napa's beauty tucked away near home. Enjoy the splendor of this special getaway destination, with its stunning scenery and beautiful sunsets!


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