The Wineries in Brentwood, California


A winery is a wine-producing building or property, or a wine-producing company, such as a wine enterprise. Even in Brentwood, California, many wineries belong to certain wine companies. Larger wineries may also feature warehouses, bottling lines, laboratories and large expanses of tanks known as tank farms, in addition to wine making equipment. Wineries may have been around for as long as 8,000 years ago, but in Brentwood, California they date back to the 1950s.


Wineries in Brentwood, California usually employ winemakers by following the winemaking cycle to produce different wines from the grapes. This process includes fruit fermentation, as well as juice mixing and processing. The grapes may come from winery owned vineyards, or may be brought in from other locations.


Often, several wineries give tours and have cellar doors or degustation rooms where consumers can sample wines before making a purchase. Winery architecture in Brentwood, California is very diverse and rich and wineries use it as a way to promote their wines and doors to the cellars. While some equate wineries with large winemaking regions such as California's Napa Valley and Sonoma Valley, Australia's Barossa Valley, or France's iconic wine regions (Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne), and Italy, wineries can be found almost everywhere, and the ones in Brentwood, California are amazing! 


The east coast of the United States also has wine-making areas, such as the Finger Lakes region of New York, Aquidneck Island, RI and Long Island, NY and Cape May, NJ. Wineries need not be situated next to the vineyards; grapes can be shipped anywhere. 


While wine-making in California dates back to the 1700s, it wasn't until the second half of the 20th century that wineries in California identified themselves as world leaders. While increasingly threatened by other U.S. wine-growing regions, California wineries (including those in Brentwood, California) still account for around 90 percent of U.S. wine production.


California's reputation for quality is founded not only on a perfect environment but also on California wine-makers ' creativity and dedication. While many wineries in California take full advantage of what technology has to offer, others have abandoned technology in an effort to produce wines that are natural, non-interventionist. This diversity is also reflected in the variety of cultivated soils, climates and grapes. Nearly 100 grape varieties are grown in 90 + wine-growing areas of the state, and in Brentwood, California we have a large majority of those.


Here in Brentwood, our wineries offer the best wines you can ever taste!


This amazing wineries are popular wineries located in Brentwood, California:


  • Brentwood's Co. Co. County Wine Company

  • Hannah Nicole Vineyards

  • Tamayo Family Vineyards 

  • Campos Family Vineyards

  • Petersen Vineyards

  • Vine and Grain

  • Orchard & Vine

  • Bay Area Distilling Company


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