Round Valley Regional Preserve

19450 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States


Round Valley Regional Preserve is a community park outside the East Bay Regional Parks (EBRPD) network of Antioch, CA and Brentwood, CA. It's about 8.4 km west of the intersection with Vasco Road along Marsh Creek Road. A variety of species live in the preserve. Mammals include California's ground squirrel, San Joaquín pocket mouse, Audubon's cottontails or the San Joaquin kit fox, which are endangered. Round Valley is one of California 's northern ends of the kit fox range. The golden eagles and the squirrel, both of them 'species of particular concern,' are included as birds. Dogs are not authorized in the preserve due to the sensitivity of wildlife in Round Valley. 

Round Valley is a little community park on Brentwood 's outskirts. In contrast to the heavily treeless flatlands of the nearby Valle Central, the park is close to the Diablo Range. Somewhat surprisingly, there are extremely beautiful oak trees in the dry climate on the eastern side of the mountains. The vast hanging groves on a lawn like grassland with little to no understory are uniquely open with thin, broad-spaced oaks.

In one of these groves, the Hardy Canyon Loop begins and climbs to clear , high grassland, overlooking Round Valley. This is the longest and most scenic one-way path in the area that makes it a real treat; most regional park paths are gravel roads which are typically not that enjoyable. 


Fun Activities and Trails

The preserve is open to walking , biking (with some limitations) and horse riding. There is a campsite for one group. The Round Valley parking area for the tour buses carrying passengers to the Vasco Caves Regional Preserve is one of two staging areas and departure points for pre-reserved tours. Brushy Peak Regional Security is the other place to rest. 

The park contains two major roads. Hardy Canyon Trail is approximately three kilometers (4.8 miles ) long, starting shortly after the footballer crosses the Marsh Creek Bridge close to the Marsh Creek Road parking lot. The two main trails are more scenic. It begins in a small oak grove and climbs up to the open, grassy region on the south side of the preserve which offers a very good view of the Round Valley. Taking the trail down into the Round Valley, the second main route in the preserve is the Miwok Trail. Turn right onto the Miwok Trail, which is about 1.3 miles (2.1 km) away.

People in Park

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