Marsh Creek State Historic Park

21767 Marsh Creek Rd, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States


Marsh Creek State Historic Park is an eastern California State Park, California, U.S. On 27 January 2012, it was designated the newest state park in California. For many reasons, the park is significant. It reflects the time of the Mexican culture in California; it was a major site for the Miwok and other Indians; it was the refuge for vaqueros; it was the final part of the California Trail, the first group of its kind that arrived at the John Marsh Rancho at its invitation.

The park was named for John Marsh (1799–1856), a doctor, ranch, landowner and the first non-Hispanic European to settle in Contra Costa County, currently California. Marsh was the first medical practitioner to do so in California, the first Harvard student to take up new crops, and one of the most prominent people to develop California, and to develop a variety of new plants in the area.

The park's highlight is John Marsh 's home, which was started in 1853 and completed in 1856, and has been extensively refurbished for years. Marsh was the first non Hispanic white settler to live in the county, Rancho Los Meganos ("sand dunes"), which was taken over by Marsh State Park in 1838, included the farm. Marsh initially lived in an adobe house constructed by local Miwok Indians on the estate for him. Marsh appeared to be well alongside the Miwoks and even gave them free medical treatment. The tribesmen built the Adobe House in return. 

The Marsh Mansion was soon called the "Stone House," as locally cut sandstone lined the walls. Before the house was finished, Abby died in 1855. It still was not fully completed when John moved around September 1, 1856 from Adobe 's house in one of the upper bedrooms of the new building. On September 24, 1856, John was assassinated on his return to Martinez, California. In 1860, the United States. As part of the Marsh estate that was owned by Charles and Alice Marsh, the Land Commission acknowledged over 13.000 acres (5.300 ha). Alice was John's and Abby 's daughter. Through John's first marriage, Charles was the son of John.

The Marsh House is 36 by 30 meters on the bottom of the building, 38 meters above sea level. The roof has four wide sleeping quarters, which means the third floor is full. It is 47 meters high. The house is enclosed by a one-foot long portico. Complete French windows allow access to the first and second floors of any space from the portico. The house has a buff-colored sandstone exterior wall. There was a four-inch vacuum between the stone and another adobe-brick wall. The first floor included a corridor, a living room, office and a kitchen, which extended from the front door to the rear door.


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