Sacramento San-Joaquin River 

Delta CA, 94571

The Sacramento San-Joaquin River Delta is quite an amazing site to see. The colors, the air, and the smell. The greenish brown hue of the river  is like walking through a lush meadow, of course if meadow was liquid, and had its own particular smell. It’s greatest features are the beautiful views of the delta and the lovely river otters. There is an excellent Pokemon Go spawns along its banks. It is fascinating to hear the squishy squelching sound of trying to walk out of the mud when you are stuck. Recommend to all my friends and family, such a fun time and really enjoyable experience. Can not wait to come back, maybe in the fall!


This place is just beautiful, once caught a rainbow across the delta here and it was just so breathtaking. Not only are the natural views here amazing but also the birds and wildlife are an eye opener to see. Something so beautiful just living and relaxing in their natural habitat. Would recommend coming after small amounts of rain, of course to catch a rainbow, but also to see the green lush grass. 


Awesome place to rent houseboats! Got to explore the delta on one and it was absolutely amazing, got a new perspective and it is just so vast. It is really a great area to see the community come together too, there are people fishing, boating, it is truly just a beautiful place. 

Beautiful place to see and bring the family. Everyone enjoyed themselves getting out of the house and seeing the wonderful views, definitely too cold to do anything in the water and it is a little murky but nonetheless everyone enjoyed themselves. Got an awesome pictures of the birds, water, and sun beaming off the delta, so don’t forget a camera! 


This amazing location is located in beautiful Brentwood California, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

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  • Los Vaqueros Reservoir

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  • Streets of Brentwood shopping center

  • Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

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