Round Valley Regional Preserve 

Brentwood CA 94513


There’s Sunny spots, there’s shady spots, and an amazing yet challenging trail. Cows were on the trail a couple times, so that was kind of funny. We just  kept walking and they got out of the way. Pretty flowers, really can't catch the beauty on a camera. Toilets are at the entrance. A place by the creek near the entrance that would be good for a picnic. Tons of tadpoles in the pools, but that's probably only there during spring. Signage was helpful. Maps are at the entrance to the park to help with navigation. There are mountain lions, and we saw a 90% eaten deer, so bring an emergency whistle to scare any animals (just in case).


This place is great! The campsite is well established with lots of flat, level areas for sleeping and plenty of picnic tables. The 2.5 mile hike into camp is slightly more strenuous than it sounds due to a few hills, but it's still what one might consider beginner level for backpacking. There are several good trails for day hikes, trail runs, or horseback riding. The campsite even has designated horse racks. It did get very windy at night in camp. The trails get really muddy after heavy rainfall, and there's no car camping. Also much of the hiking is on a cow pasture.


Very nice hike! Great combination of incline and decline . Amazing views so you'll want to take a few brakes just to get a few pictures. We went when it was muddy, so it was an extra workout.

Really beautiful during spring when it's all green. Nice small creek for children to play in.  The trail running along the creek easy to manage and you can go off roading with a stroller if you want to. You can also venture onto the Miwok trail where the cows graze. Pretty hilly and semi rough terrain but not difficult for older children. Toddlers and strollers may have trouble on this part. Overall, great hiking and good exercise! Highly recommended.

Round valley is a great place to stretch your legs for an hour or two plus it's a termination point for the Mt. Diablo Regional Trail. No dogs allowed but it offers free parking and a nice variety of trails and distances for a walk outdoors. Bring water.


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