Skate BMX Park

195 Griffith Ln, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States


Brentwood skatepark, situated in King George's Playing Fields, was designed and built by Wheelscape and has been an ongoing project since 2011, continuing to add parts over the years, with phase 2 completed in August 2013. It features a large bowl and an adjacent street lane.


The bowl portion here is built on two levels and is flat bottomed, with metal covering around the edges and a green extension on one side. There are some fun bumps and kinks in the bowl here to push around and the inner corner backs onto a smaller open side bowl creating a spine on one side and a volcano on the other.


The open side of the bowl opens to the beginning of the street portion, which is a new addition to the original bowl. The street course starts with a flat bank that opens up into a flat section that leads to another flat bank with a euro gap up to the top level lined with a steep brick bank and a hubba.


Further along this top platform there is a flat bank and a stairway leading down to the lower level with a distance of 2 stairs. The course ends with a hipped flat bank with a ledge on top of it.


This is a great local park with something for everyone, street skaters and move skaters! The surfaces are smooth and there are some good flowing lines here for you to touch whether you're a novice or an experienced driver.


  • Park Rules


1. All users shall wear well-maintained commercially manufactured helmets, knee pads and elbow pads that are securely fastened at all times. (BMC 7.02.170; Health and Safety Code Section 115800.) 

 2. In the Skateboard Park, the following types of vehicles are permitted: skateboards, non-motorized bicycles, scooters, throughout-line skates and roller skates or wheelchairs. (Section 115800 of the Health and Safety Code) 

3. The Skateboard Park facilities may only be used by individuals 12 (12) years of age or older. (Section 115800 of the Health and Safety Code) 

4. Secure the Skateboard Park–vandalism, graffiti, aggressive behavior and profanity are not allowed. Park will be subject to closure if incidents occur.

5. Skateboarding Park Hours are sunrise to sunset (with the exception of a permit or if otherwise posted).

6. Put the trash in the containers given. No glass, no food or drinks are permitted in the skate area.

7. External obstacles or other materials (e.g. stairs, jumps, etc.) are not permitted in Skateboard Park.

8. All coordinated activities or formal competitions must have the prior written approval of the City.

9. Drugs, alcohol or smoking are not permitted.

10. Spectators are not permitted in bowls or other areas of the Skateboard Park. Spectators should remain close to the fence or picnic tables and not interfere with the use of the park.

11. Vehicles and safety equipment that are not in use should stay along the fence or in the picnic area.

Concrete Skate and Bike Park

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