Meadow Park

180 Crawford Dr, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States


Oak Meadow is situated at 180 Crawford Road. This 12.69 acre park features barbecues and picnic tables, some with shelter, benches, play area and toilet, and two lighted baseball / softball fields that can handle a base path of up to 90 feet to the west field and 70 feet to the east field. 


The lighted soccer field can handle two fields of up to 50 yards by 80 yards, or one field at 65 yards by 100 yards. Baseball / softball and soccer field play areas overlap and may not be rented on a consecutive basis.


At almost 13 acres, this neighborhood park has something for everyone! Ample lighted field room can accommodate soccer and baseball / softball, play equipment for children aged 2-5 and 5-12, toilets and plenty of parking space. Additional facilities include: bike rack and bike path, drinking fountain, barbecue grills and shaded picnic areas.


  • Neighborhood Parks Are Great For You 


Neighborhood parks provide people with relief from the built environment. We can offer a variety of facilities and passive or active (programmed or unprogrammed) recreation in response to the demographic and cultural characteristics of surrounding neighborhoods, with opportunities for contact with nature. 


Neighborhood parks are primarily accessible by foot, bicycle or public transit within a quarter-mile radius of the homes, providing easy access for children and seniors in particular.


Types of neighborhood parks include mini-parks or pocket parks, and their predominant recreation offering may be further described. These can provide greenery, recreation centers, sports fields or playgrounds. The greenscape is a landscaped park, often with a large unprogrammed lawn, mainly for passive recreation. A recreation center is a facility that provides a variety of park events, including sports and other recreational activities suitable to the population or group that uses the park. Pocket parks are the smallest in scale, designed to serve the immediate surroundings. Typically, scale limits the ability to perform numerous recreational functions.


Physical activity is a big fighter against the obesity epidemic. Whether it's active recreational activities such as sporting teams, exercise and dance classes, trails and healthy facilities such as playgrounds and pools, our parks offer natural opportunities for organized physical activities, as well as unstructured areas that explicitly or implicitly promote physical activity. 


Providing adequate park infrastructure is a key component of the Parks and Recreation Department's ability to improve the physical fitness of the community.


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Dog Walking on a Sunny Day

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