King Park

150 City Park Way, Brentwood, CA 94513


King Park at 1379 Bauer Way has two nice playgrounds for dogs.  Currently there are two play areas for dogs— one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.  It is the duty of owners to decide which play area matches their pets. All dog play areas feature play equipment specifically designed for furry friends.  There are benches in these fenced play areas for people to relax and enjoy while watching their pets frolic. There are also fountains with human and canine water.  Remember to clean up after your pets,in order for the next visitors to enjoy the place. To help keep this facility free of pet waste, "Mutt Mitts" are available.


This dog park is by far the best in the surrounding area. It has both a big/small area for the dogs, which any pet owners will really enjoy. Owners do tend to pick up after their dogs and politely speak up when a dog is doing its business and the owner is not paying attention. It is not very big, so picking up is important. Be very attentive to your fur-babies and try to run and play with them, not tend to stay in groups because then the dogs will start to do the same and sometimes in close proximity they can go into guard mode, and want to be the only one standing next to their owners. The maintenance come once a week to clean up, mow the lawn and fill up the doggie bags. The whole park is great and there are always people taking their morning walks and very family friendly. If you decide that your dog needs to stretch its legs, you can take a walk around the park. It is very well-maintained. Just remember to take poop bags. There is a basketball hoop and playground for the little kids. Benches along the paved walkway to rest if you need to sit down.


The only downside I'd have to mention is that the small dog area isn't big enough and this dog park is in the center of a neighborhood that can make parking a bit tricky at times. I always feel bad for the people living across the street when barking can get out of hand. I mean, I don't know how they're doing that? I wish it was more of a public place or not so much surrounded by homes with very few parking spaces.


Otherwise this park is the best (in my opinion) in the city, as I mentioned earlier. I was in other parks with dogs and we never went back.

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