John Marsh House 

Brentwood CA 94513

This place is actually magical. It definitely has some mystery which was amazing to learn about the history. Just passed by it and always wondered why such a beautiful place was doing here kind of in the middle of nowhere and there was so much mystery behind it, had to learn what it was all about. Learned about the history of the owners, John Marsh and his wife Abby Tuck. Moved to San Francisco from Massachuesets then here Brentwood. Very interesting story! Got to learn about John and Abbys story and how John actually had that mansion built for his wife who was apparently frail and became easily sick from traveling.


Amazing place! Rich with history! So interesting to hear about John Marsh and his wife and all about the troubles they went through before ever even finishing building the mansion.

Wow! Beautiful mansion! Lots of history! Really didn’t know the extent of the houses history when just passing it. Wish there was more signage and a more inviting presence. Think anyone living in Brentwood, who enjoys history should definitely check this place out. Even if you are not a big fan of history, this house tells many other stories of suffering, illness, and even murder. A must see!


Not only learned about the history of the John Marsh house itself, but also learned a great deal about the pioneer that was John Marsh. Amazing view of Mount Diablo from the home it’s amazing! Couldn’t get enough of John Marshs life story and the tragic death of his wife and his brutal murder while on a journey to San Francisco.

Awesome, Awesome place! More geared toward people who are interested in this sort of history. Also has a great story behind it. More of an educational adventure, but if that is what you are looking for definitely recommend to check it out, don’t go alone!


This amazing location is located in beautiful Brentwood California, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

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  • John Marsh House

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