Blue Goose Park

1765 Adams Ln, Brentwood, CA 94513


Blue Goose Park is a public park in Brentwood and is open between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. The park features plenty of greenery, a flower-shaped water sprinkler, a spacious picnic area, shaded benches, children's play area, and barbeque grill. Blue Goose Park is a favorite summer spot for children because they enjoy playing in the water in this small arrangement for fun. You will enjoy talking to your buddies and family, sitting on the benches while your kids play in the play area with their favorite games.


How to Reach Blue Goose Park:

You can rent a car or ride a taxi to get here. 


This park is amazing! Your kids would definitely love it here and can play for hours. Any parent can stand in the middle of the park and check their kids no matter where they go. The big play structure does have 2 areas where the kids can slide down a pole or spiral down, it's pretty high up for younger kids but please stand close enough when they are playing on it to help him up or down to avoid any accidents. The water features they have are the best on a hot day! To turn on the water, you have to place your hand on top of small pole next to the showers they have available to rinse off afterwards. There are also a large grass area where kids live to just run & roll down the small hill right behind the rock climbing area. They get to release all their energy! We recommend to visit this park during the summer season, just remember to bring sunscreen, hats, towels, pack a picnic & lots of water to drink. You can also bring a canopy or umbrella to shade you from the sun when it gets HOT! There are restrooms but not many shaded areas or seating. Bring a foldable chair if you don't want to stand or sit on the ground.


Awesome water splash park! Large play areas for all ages with shady picnic tables. Shower stalls for rinsing off after play, clean restrooms, and located in a nice neighborhood. There's even a tiki mobile truck that apparently frequents the park selling ice cream and snow cones. Although bring a little cash because their card swiping system doesn't work very well. Overall, Blue Goose Park is a wonderful park and you’ll keep visiting this place to create wonderful memories with your family and friends. 

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