5 Dentist-Recommended Oral Habits For Kids

The smile of your child is something they will have for life - and it's crucial that from the very beginning, our youngest patients get off to a healthy start. Maintaining a safe, balanced diet is one of the first steps to a cavity-free smile. It is crucial to get your child's smile off to the best start! We know that practicing good oral hygiene habits early is the best way to create a safe, beautiful smile for life. To build a strong foundation for your child's oral health, brush up on these dental tips:


1. As early as possible, begin a dental routine. It's really never too early for your children to start a good dental routine. You have a chance to instill oral hygiene habits that will last a lifetime as soon as your baby's first tooth erupts. For babies, after feeding, you can begin by wiping gums and baby teeth with a hot washcloth to clean away any debris that might have been left behind. You can begin a baby brushing routine with a specially crafted toothbrush and kid-safe toothpaste as they grow older. You can also aim to avoid sugary foods and beverages that can make your baby's mouth more acidic and lead to tooth decay, such as sweets and juice.


2. Use Positive Reinforcement Methods at Home. Children are hardly ever self-motivated on their own to practice good oral hygiene. Children usually respond well to a form of organized system that provides positive reinforcement for good behavior if you can make brushing a rewarding task. On a calendar where your kids get a sticker every time they brush their teeth before and after bed, it might be anything as easy as a star map. Any time your children remember to brush their teeth without needing to be reminded, you can be even more imaginative and offer small rewards, such as an additional bedtime story or a special pancake breakfast over the weekend.


3. Take your child to appointments with you.  It is important for kids to see that it is normal and just a part of life to go to a dental appointment. The more they are introduced to it during the consultation and see you happy, the more optimistic their feelings will be about it. If you have questions about the dentist and what to expect from your kids, this is a simple way for them to see you and experience it. Naturally, when taking your child to the dentist with you, use your discretion. You will want to start out with more regular service if your appointment happens to be for a root canal or any operation that includes numbing the mouth or has the potential to take a while.


4. Arrange to meet your child with their dentist. Before your child is in the dental chair, the introduction of your dentist in a non-threatening environment enables a connection to be made. When your child is with you for an appointment, this can be done. Kids, especially when they're anxious, are much more relaxed with a familiar face. For children who have a fear of the dentist, this is particularly helpful. The more your child is comfortable with the workplace and the people in it, the less nervous they will feel about having to go.


5. Establish a Good Example. It's up to you to teach good oral hygiene while at home and to ensure that your child understands how important it is to listen to their dentist. Having a routine of dental cleaning practices can contribute later in life to less tooth decay and tooth sensitivity and less need for comprehensive procedures. If you give priority to dental hygiene at home, your child will also be more likely to do so.


Every day, let your children watch you floss and brush your teeth, and make it a point to talk about what you do and why it is important. If your dentist has given you clear care instructions after a procedure, this is a great opportunity to teach your children how to follow directions as well.

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