Pistachio Park

2617 Brookshire St Brentwood, CA 94513

The City of Brentwood strives to deliver exclusive experiences at each park such that each is subtly different from the next and Pistachio Park fulfills this design purpose. The area has a rich history of farming and ranching and many of those elements capture the theme of this playground. The concept demonstrates the versatility of the PlayBooster ® system of Landscape Structures adapting to various themes and exclusive customization.


Pistachio park is a pleasant place inside the community. They have shaded seating, barbecue grills, and play structure for kids big and small. They've got swings for kids and big ones too. There is no public bathroom. So, if you want to stay there longer and need to use the bathroom, you have to live nearby.


There is a playground for smaller kids and bigger kids. There are swings in the center. Children can sit on the shaped-like horses to rock back and forth. It’s a nice little park for the family. There are tables under a shaded area for the whole family to have lunch or a snack. There are water fountains for people with different heights and also one for dogs. It is a quiet and secure neighborhood.


If you are looking for a place to rest with children, then you can go to this park. It is a well-maintained place where there is space for sports. 


A park is a region of natural , semi-natural, or cultivated land designated for human use and leisure, or for wildlife or natural resource conservation. Urban parks are open areas within towns and communities set aside for leisure. National parks and country parks are open fields in the forest, used for leisure. State parks and regional parks are managed by States and departments of sub-national governments. Parks can consist of grassy fields, gravel, dirt, and trees but may often contain buildings and other objects such as statues, fountains, or playground structures.


Parks may be separated into sites of active and inactive leisure. Active recreation is what has an urban character and needs intensive development. Cooperative or social practice is also included, including playgrounds, playing fields, swimming pools, gymnasiums, and skateparks.

Wild Flowers

This amazing attraction is located near the following parks in Oakley, California:


  • Big Break Regional Shoreline

  • Antioch Dunes National Wildlife Refuge

  • Nunn-Wilson Family Park

  • Antioch Bridge

  • Antioch/Oakley Regional Shoreline 

  • Contra Costa Canal

  • Sherman Island


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