Tamayo Family Vineyards

11670 Byron Hwy, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States 


Located just over an hour east of downtown San Francisco, Tamayo Family Vineyards was built with the love of wine and belief of Jeff and Sara Tamayo in the wondrous soils of the developing Contra Costa region. They had picked their first grapes only a decade ago.


Jeff and Sara Tamayo had a vision, like many others in the winemaking industry, of one day building a winery from the ground up; making their own wines out of their own grapes. Nevertheless, the contrast with their tale is the historical significance of their unique property in Contra Costa County, and the impressive production of their distinctive portfolio of French, Italian and Portuguese wines.


Over time, Jeff Tamayo became quite a wine collector, loving his discoveries of exclusive, top-notch wines from all over the world, and as the quaint grape-growing community of Contra Costa County began to expand, their once romantic notion of building a winery became reality.


Mark Enlow was also approached by the Tamayos to become their General Manager. Enlow, who previously worked in the national wine wholesale business, has been in the industry since 1980 and came on board to help build the new brand in the mid-1990s at Tamayo. In 1999 the Tamayo family produced their first wine, a CANA Syrah farm, with just under 700 cases. He brought a unique blend of experience from the company and a degree from New York Culinary Institute. Bottled under three names: Tamayo, Cana Family Signature, and Cana, he works closely with the Tamayos on the branding campaign for their wines.


Some have challenged the CANA name's roots. The reaction is one steeped in the historical importance of miracles. For it was at the ancient city of Cana that water was miraculously turned into wine during a wedding feast. Only imagine how good that had to be! Similarly, we find our exceptional and special soils, which sustain our vines, somewhat miraculous. The pioneers of over 100 years ago, who initially planted Italian and Portuguese varieties in our area, would seem to know exactly what they were doing.


Cana Wines derive from the original vineyard that was replanted from 2003 through 2006. At the first-century wedding feast at Cana, the Tamayos chose the name to celebrate the miraculous transformation of water to wine. Described as a New World red blend of eight European varieties, Mark sees Cana as the flagship wine for the whole Contra Costa region.


Apart from making CANA wines from our Contra Costa farm, we also offer a variety of other varietal bottlings from the best California appellations. These appellation-specific wines feature varietals that precisely reflect their particular roots, as does our flagship wine. Check out these classic varietal wines produced under our Tamayo Family Vineyards label in Napa, Sonoma, and Monterey counties.


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