Brentwood's Co. Co. County Wine Company

633 First Street, Brentwood, CA 94513


CoCo County Wine Co. from Brentwood is proud to represent the best of local wine, and some of California's finest wines to sell. Owners Dafne Swisher and Becky Bloomfield  are no strangers to warm hospitality, and welcome the opportunity to indulge and taste their products. CO.CO's has over 35 wines which you can try with taste, glass or bottle. They feature live music every Friday and Saturday night, and have a variety of wine-related events over the months.


In October 2007, Dafne Swisher sought advice from her friend and fellow neighborhood activist Becky Bloomfield about a recently vacant building that was owned by Dafne property in the heart of downtown Brentwood.  Having previously occupied the space by a retail wine store enjoyed by the community, Dafne believed a related business could be successful. Becky consented. The two had been contemplating the idea of opening a wine bar in Brentwood seriously, and the charm of downtown had the perfect appeal. "For us both, this was a whole new venture," Becky said. "Neither of us had worked in hospitality before." Becky, as a local farmer and winemaker, realized there were no establishments showcasing items from the East County. 


Before they knew it, with Becky's advice on local wine and boundless passion, and Dafne's fervor for the downtown area and her husband's encouragement, Brett started demolition, remodeling followed, and paint and atmosphere were picked. "Brentwood's Co. The Birth. Co. Co. For both partners, County Wine Company "was the response.  Dafne fills the gap in the shopping district downtown, and the chance for Becky to highlight her award winning wines. "The Brentwood Co. Co. Co. County Wine Company "is proud to represent the best of local wine and some of California's finest wines have to offer. Dafne and Becky are no strangers to hospitality, and welcome the chance to indulge yourself.


On 15 February 2008, Co. Co. County Wine Company opened its doors. Because of federal grant conditions they chose their name for the Brentwood Grown programme. "We sold local produce, and I happened to be the farmer and winemaker, so Bloomfield basically took care with one person of all the federal grant requirements," Becky said. "It was insane but cool that it worked that way." The famous wine bar exudes an industrial wine country look with an exposed ceiling duct and barrels of wine for tables that don't take away the charm of the building in 1937.The room also displays available bottles in barrels that have been cut in half and placed behind the bar on the wall (complete with small pillows to prevent bottles from falling out).


From mimosas while shopping Saturday morning in the Farmers ' Market to a glass of wine so tapenades before dinner-Co. Co. County Wine. This location is always a great place to hang out in the Brentwood area, and a must-stop. You will often find live music to chill out and relax while enjoying the company of locals. With a great list of local and other wine choices, or if you want some local or bottled beer to enjoy. They have what you are looking for. Friendly bartenders, fun atmosphere, stylish interior, local hangout, large wine list, and romantic atmosphere. It’s amazingly perfect for parties. 


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