Brentwood Farmers Market

Oak St &, 1st St, Brentwood, CA 94513, United States


New fruits and vegetables bursting from its crates can also be found in Brentwood Farmers Market. Sellers yell their prices in a carry-on, couples shout their prices at mid-morning sports, and families shopping on frequent journeys. Brentwood Market provides a standard range of over 20 California Certified Farmer Markets, including seasonal fruit and vegetable, fungi and eggs. But like other markets, suppliers have expanded their typical products to sell from waffles to sorbets.

The market in Brentwood has also increased to include children's entertainment including a bounce hall, petting zoo, pony rides, and facial paints. The Brentwood Farmers' Market has grown tremendously, improving and expanding its products ever since its slow beginning in 2003. It's a thriving business today, putting together Brentwood stakeholders every Sunday. 

The Brentwood Farmers Market is open Saturdays, from Spring to Fall. This is the perfect place to shop for seasonal fruit, veggies and other local produce such as sweet food, eggs or artisan cheese! A non-profit group running several farmers 'markets in the Bay area, the Pacific Coast Farmers' Market Association, is running Brentwood's farms market. The goal of PCFMA is to encourage local producers and growers to thrive in their communities, while giving them access to safer and better food products. EBT (Cal-Fresh) and WIC FMNP (Coupons for the Girls, Children and Farmers' Market of Boys) are recognized in all PCFMA markets.

Organic Farmer's Market

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