Marsh Creek Regional 

Trail Brentwood CA 94513 


You would never know it at first.  First, drive into the boonies, a no-man's land between Byron and Clayton.  Second, park the car in the spacious dirt parking lot and fill the water bottle in the summer.  Third, walk a trail for at least a mile, the first part is hilly. And then, you gradually enter a huge flat valley.  Several oak trees scattered about, many on the hills, but mostly it's the big wide open. You'd need a panoramic camera to capture it all.  It seems like it takes forever to walk across it; a mountain bike is better. But it's the kind of picturesque spot where you'd want to take your time. There are side trails, too.  The Hardy Canyon Trail is a winner. Three miles long, slightly hilly. I strongly recommend taking the trail as soon as you enter the park. The canyon itself is nice, but nothing really special.  Opens to a beautiful meadow. But when you start to get to the top of that last hill, Mt. Diablo peeks over, then the hills appear, and then all of Round Valley. It's dramatic. This isn't for the adventurous, extreme-sports type.  It's for the modern-day Thoreau who wants to sit for a long time in nature, relax, meditate, and enjoy the view. Or you could do more: reserve the primitive group camp at the other end of the valley and stay for two or more days.


The views from the top are beautiful and worth the walk/hike. It is noticeable that the farther you are from the trailhead, the less people you see. We were followed by a big but handsome bull on the trail for a while. He seemed more curious than aggressive. This is not a hike, it is to take in the heat of summer though. If anyone is thinking of going do bring lots and lots of water and wear sunscreen!


This amazing location is located in beautiful Brentwood California, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

  • Brentwood Civic Center

  • Marsh Creek State Park

  • Los Vaqueros Reservoir

  • Round Valley Regional Preserve

  • Marsh Creek Regional Trail

  • John Marsh House

  • Streets of Brentwood shopping center

  • Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta

  • Vasco Caves Regional Preserve 

  • East Contra Costa Historical Society and Museum - east of Brentwood on Sellers Road


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