Brentwood Civic Center 

Brentwood CA 94513


What an amazing place for the family to do activities, including basketball! They had a 4-day clinic and the family loved it. Please note that they offer $150 scholarships for the children. No reason not to apply if you're eligible. Couldn't ask for anything more such an amazing place for everyone especially with all the rooms and possibilities for activities. It helps to keep the children busy during this summer. Such an appreciation for the community for coming together to help put together things for them to do. Your voice matters!


Very nice and clean and wonderful community it's right near the career center and the  High school and middle school are right down the street from it as well as the adult education center. I give it five stars Brentwood had a great community.There is also a small law enforcement presence there so no reason not to feel safe! 


Super impressed this place... And the parking structure... That I never realized existed till the last time I just visited for the concert in the park. Seems as if the city of Brentwood really cares about their community and it shows by offering a nice Community Center. It's well kept nice bathroom facilities and just an overall nice place to come and see a concert. They have a few restaurants around which is nice to have. But overall was a very positive experience.


This is a charming and beautiful center for the community. It is often filled with artwork. The center is next to the downtown Brentwood city park which is lived by children and adults. There is free parking in the back.


Outstanding. Brentwood is so well planned compared with Antioch. Between the Community Center, park, library, and plenty of parking in the garage this is an extraordinary facility. There are many family activities to enjoy for all generations. Attend often.


This amazing location is located in beautiful Brentwood California, along with these other must-see places of interest: 

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