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We believe in using only the most advanced dental techniques (with a whole lot of pampering) to restore confidence to your smile – at your pace and all under one roof.



Our expertise in providing stunning dental solutions for even the most difficult cases and our devotion to accommodating your budget, schedule and fears has made Balfour Dental the ideal Brentwood dentist choice for many families like yours.

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We will do everything we can to accommodate your needs and to restore the beauty and function of your smile.


A comfortable, discreet and removable teeth-straightening solution for adults and teens.



Our doctors use state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology to design and create renewed function and beauty for your smile.



Gentle dental solutions for the entire family all under one roof and convenient for any schedule!


Why Choose Us?

We have more than 30 years of experience reconstructing, beautifying, and renewing smiles.


‘‘For me, dentistry is about what I can do to help people. I’ve seen how the change in a person’s smile enhances his or her appearance and subsequently improves their life. I see it happen all the time and it never fails to amaze me - this is the ultimate measure of my success.

- Dr. Dimple Rayani


‘‘There are no words to express how wonderful I feel when I am able to give someone something they have been missing all their lives - a beautiful and healthy smile!

- Dr. Sien Siao


‘‘You’re all so kind and patient and I really appreciate it. The bag of soups, yogurts and other goodies (after my procedure) was absolutely wonderful and thoughtful. Thank you! You are all the best!‘‘

- Tracey H

‘‘I did feel somewhat skeptical when seeing some of the before and after pictures of your former patients; I was wrong. After you gave me that mirror to look at my teeth and smile, I almost lost it. Not only did you give me the most lovely teeth and smile, you gave me back my self-confidence which to me is everything.‘‘

- James V

‘‘Thank you so very much for changing my life! I will be forever grateful to you for my wonderful smile! Your gentle and caring way has made me more comfortable with going to the dentist.‘‘

- Christine W

‘‘I suffered from numbness in my hands and forearms which was so severe that I would awaken from a sound sleep because of the pain. Thank you for relieving the pain, my jaw popping, and the constant numbness in my hands and forearms.‘‘

- Pat S

‘‘My new denture fits my mouth properly. I no longer bite my tongue and cheeks. I have my upper lip and smile back. I smile and laugh more. I feel friendlier and more confident again! Thank you very much.‘‘

- Dolores H


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